Hooking up your camper to water is as easy as screwing in a hose and switching on the spigot

Hooking up your camper to water is as easy as screwing in a hose and switching on the spigot

Best ways to hook-up water to my RV?

This might be a fine way to exercise however if you need to secure their rv plus families’s fitness you will capture some extra procedures. I prefer a water stress regulator and an inline liquids filtration. Unfortuitously I have had high water force harm our very own outdated pop up and my wife had gotten Giardiasis or E. Coli from a campground’s liquid. So now i will be nut for connecting the rv to a new water-supply.

Seriously we get travelers to be able to benefit from the facilities and conveniences of modern lifestyle. If we had been just into the hiking feel we would all be tenters.

One of the recommended areas of enjoying your own RV is having thoroughly clean water on demand. Today setting up to fresh water could be as easy as screwing in line your rig and turning water on. This will probably present your camper to harmful drinking water pressure and you plus group to horrible pests!

Remember, if it goes in it needs to appear! Read all of our article about using your vacation trailer’s black drinking water flush.

Precisely What Do I Have To Connect Water To An RV

The thing you will need to connect water to your camper is actually a hose pipe. Things are else is nice having but past skills have trained us to not forget it. We need:

  • RV Fresh-water Line. You will want an RV Fresh Water Hose. You will be left with 2 options, a conventional plastic hose pipe or level style. I have tried personally all of them both and so they both need their pluses and minuses. The plastic line was difficult as nails but is heavier and occupies some space. The flat style is light and stores quickly it is not the kink free living it’s billed as. In my opinion really a coin toss between the two. Having said that I do has all of all of them available to you but slim more towards flat design.
  • Drinking Water Pressure Regulator. Campsites are infamous for having wildly different drinking water pressures. Low water force tends to be soreness for the butt to deal with however it won’t damage the truck. High-water stress on the other side can harm the plumbing of one’s camper. Many providers recommend using a water pressure regulator.

In order to prevent feasible harm to their vehicle’s parts, an after-market, in-line regulator is advised to maintain a h2o force under 45 PSI.

  • Inline Liquid Filtration. An inline RV liquid filtration is a great item relating to the water RV hook-up. They’ve been low priced and great at removing sediment and removing micro-organisms, protozoa and other impurities. We regrettably had a problem with campground liquids where my wife turned into sick with either Giardiasis or E. Coli. We don’t use campground drinking water for ingesting but for bathing or washing meals they nevertheless presents a risk of pollution.
  • 90 Degree Shoulder. I use a steel 90 degree shoulder on my trailer when hooking my water present upwards. I love how it helps to keep water hose hidden in nearer to the truck. I believe it will help to lessen the chances of someone tripping across the line or applying extra torque to my personal water inlet and probably harming my personal rv.
  • Y Adaptor. When starting up the new water supply i love to use a Y adaptor in the spigot part. Allowing myself divide the new liquid with one side starting the camper and leaves me personally with another option for fresh-water behind the rv. I pair this with an additional hose and nose to really have the ability to spray one thing off (usually filthy young ones).
  • Teflon Recording and further O-Rings. These aren’t invaluable however they are inexpensive insurance rates against a leaky water set up. Exactly like fuses we keep these around for “just in cases”.

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Ideas On How To Attach Their Camper To Fresh Water

When it comes time to hook-up on the fresh water present we heed a number of making positive it as well as effective. Having a group process to adhere to will make sure that you minimize the probability of contaminating their water supply to your trips truck.

Setting up fresh-water during the trailer area

When I discussed earlier I use a 90 level shoulder keeping activities tidy and out of the way. The time has come to put they on.

Connecting fresh-water on the supplies part

Regarding the offer part i actually do the following actions.

  1. Connect the Y Adaptor making certain both sides include down.
  2. To 1 section of the Y adaptor I add my personal drinking water stress regulator and to the other I attach my further hose and nose.
  3. Onto the liquid force regulator we connect my personal inline liquids filter.
  4. Through the inline liquids filter I affix my personal fresh-water RV hose.
  5. Then I affix the fresh water RV hose towards 90 degree elbow.
  6. Start water and start the regulators in the Y adaptor.
  7. This while I determine exactly what the pressure is and set they properly.
  8. Basically do not have leakages outside that need some Teflon recording or latest O-rings. I go in and make sure the water try streaming through the sinks and bathroom.


Hooking up to a campground’s water source doesn’t have to be a hassle. Heed our very own easy information and you may make you stay along with your parents’s protected from water borne crud and protect your trailer’s plumbing system.

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